Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update On Stephen Harper from National Review

My comments on Stephen Harper's achievement of a majority government in the Canadian election last month were similar to these (below, in italics) from National Review magazine.  Note particularly the last sentence in the National Review article, and the second last sentence in my own.
Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, is an admirable Conservative, and conservative.  He has led minority governments since 2006.  Now he will lead a majority government.  Election Day in Canada was astounding.  The Conservatives gained 24 seats, going from 143 to 167.  The Liberals, once the colossus of Canada, lost 43 seats, going from 77 to 34.  They have never had such a low standing.  To make this even sweeter, the Liberals' leader, Michael Ignatieff, lost his seat, personally.  Further sweet news concerns the Bloc Quebecois, those separatist annoyances:  They went into the elections with 47 seats; now they have just four--barely enough to call themselves a rump.  The only fly in the ointment is that the New Democrats, like the Liberals a left-wing party, rose from 36 seats to 102.  They are now the Official Opposition.  But no matter:  Prime Minister Harper will be able to govern with great gusts at his back.  He made the elections a referendum on his economic policies.  And now he will be able to pursue those policies--tax cuts, spending cuts, growth--with abandon.  May the Canadian elections presage our own.